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Daily Schedule  

The Day

Each room has a set routine, the routines are in place so the children can take part in a wide range of activities; whether they be chosen by the child or led by our Nursery Nurses. Each routine takes into account the changing energy levels of the children through the day all based on positive behaviour and lots of encouragement and praise to the children. The routine for each room can be found on the Parents Notice Board in the Lobby.


The Great Outdoors

Outdoor activities contribute to children’s health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them. Weather permitting the children will play outside in our secure garden and when possible go for a walk around the local area.


Rest & Quiet Time

Wellybobs Nursery caters for each child’s individual needs for rest and quiet activities during the day and if any child does not want to take part, they do not have to but will be encouraged to join in. During their day your child will be quite likely to need a nap at some point, to cater for this we have areas designed with this need in mind; the baby room has a separate room with cots and the toddler room has an area with sleeping mats and dim lighting in the form of nights lights.

Meals & Nutrition

Encouraging children to eat well and learn about food in their early years not only protects their health when they are young, but also sets the foundations for their future health and wellbeing. Your child's time at Wellybobs Day Nursery provides an ideal opportunity to help every child eat well, enjoy a varied diet and establish healthy eating habits to take with them into their school years.

A healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity are essential for children’s health and well-being.

At Wellybobs Day Nursery, your child will be provided with a varied diet which reflects the backgrounds of all the children within the nursery. This will hopefully encourage your child to try new flavours and textures. Information will be collected from you about your child’s dietary requirements and this is then implemented into their daily routine within the setting.

All food is freshly prepared on the premises by our cook. The daily menu contains high portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Vegetarian meals and other alternatives are available for children with special dietary requirements or allergies. We locally source our meat and vegetables. We only offer milk or water to drink with meals as part of their meal. Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day for your child. We encourage all children to have their own water bottle or cups.

Our young babies' diets are just as important so we take special care to ensure that we follow our parent’s wishes with regards to either breastfeeding or formula feeding. Once babies are ready for solid foods, we work together with parents at introducing these in a healthy and nutritious way using a method which is right for each individual baby.

Mealtimes at Wellybobs Day Nursery are a sociable occasion where staff sit with all the children, encouraging positive table manners. We purposely have low tables and chairs even the older babies can sit amongst their peers. The staff will allow your child sufficient time to finish their meals without being rushed.


Special diets

We cater for all dietary needs and intolerances and work closely with parents to ensure that children do not receive any foods that might cause them to have an allergic reaction. We ask for specific dietary requests, such as dairy-free, coeliac disease and other rare food related medical issues, to be made in writing each year to keep our information up to date and where possible, supported by a medical letter. Our staff are trained to work with children who have food related allergies.