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Setting & Facilities  

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Wellybobs Day Nursery is situated on a farm on the outskirts of the market town of Howden. The nursery is easily accessible from the A63 and M62. 

As a rural nursery Wellybobs Day Nursery offers the benefits of tranquil, private surroundings. The setting is idyllic being surrounded by open countryside.

The private location provides the children with plenty of opportunity to spend time playing in the fresh air and learning about nature on daily countryside walks (weather-permitting). We feel that such a peaceful, secure environment, with the benefit of fresh air, helps to promote a much healthier and happier child.


Purpose Built Nursery

In Spring 2014 Wellybobs expanded from the smaller unit now used for Treehouse and into it’s own purpose built larger unit.

We developed the main building from scratch and were fortunate enough to find a local architect and a builder able to understand and meet our requirements. We asked for large, airy, well lit spaces with as much natural light as possible throughout the building. When entering the pre-school room from the main entrance you are met by tall vaulted ceilings with skylights enhanced by environmentally friendly LED lighting that mimics natural light.


 By being involved in the building process we were able   to make small but important “on the spot" adjustments   as the project developed, one such adjustment was the  tall windows on the exterior wall. Originally designed to   be one metre square we decided to make them two   metres tall to allow in more natural light and allow   the children in the ‘Baby Room’ to see through the shaped interior windows, through the tall exterior windows and out to the fields outside, helping to create the feel of a light spacious environment.


Walking through the pre-school room towards the toddler room you will pass the toddler/pre-school toilets  with individual bays, matching wash basins and two low  wattage “hand blowers” at low level for the children to use.  The ‘Toddlers room’ has its own garden and an adjacent  sleep room which is soundproofed (the other soundproofed  room is the office, a non-negotiable requirement from Tina!) 



The baby room as already mentioned is upstairs and has shaped windows to the right allowing the babies to look down at the pre-schoolers and out towards the fields outside. The room is split into three areas, a dining area, 6-24 month old area, and the under 6 month area. Beyond this third area are two sleep rooms with four cots in each room.




Each room has its own environmental control system, providing heating in winter and cooling in summer, the systems are independent and adjust accordingly to the required temperature. The entire building is ventilated constantly with fresh air from outside which is heated to the ambient room temperatures via a heat exchanger. The air extraction panels are situated in various key locations but notably two extraction points are above the nappy change areas keeping the air nice and fresh.


The fully enclosed, secure, enchanting garden to the front of the nursery has been designed to offer the children a wide range of equipment for play and learning. The garden has safe play outdoor flooring to avoid any unnecessary bumps and bruises and makes the play area exceptionally safe for children of all ages.




Children’s safety and security during their time at Wellybobs is our single most important responsibility. Our setting is very secure, with one locked main front door for each building and secure garden areas. All locks and handles are placed high, out of children’s reach. All visitors have to ring our door bell and be let into the building by a member of our team.



We pride ourselves on being one of very few local nurseries to have CCTV installed within the perimeter of our grounds. CCTV operates within our nursery grounds for the safeguarding and protection of children, staff and parents. It drives away burglars, stalkers, vandals and other unwelcome visitors. Images are retained on the system for an extended period of time and then automatically erased.


The Treehouse Out of School & Holiday Club

The premises now used as the Treehouse was in fact the site of the original nursery as started by Richard and Lucy back in 2011 It was converted to be the Treehouse as a result of client demand for a separate “out of school club” in 2017 and shares the same principles as the main building, autonomous environmental control, ventilation etc, but with a different layout to suit the older children. It also has a sink at low level to enable the children to wash their own art brushes and so on.

The exterior synthetic grass flows from the Treehouse’s own private garden through the exterior doors into the building, this is to give the feel of being outdoors when you’re indoors lending an open feel to the room and complements the woodland murals on the walls.