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Baby Room 0-23 mths


Located on the first floor, our Baby Room is designated solely for children under the age of 20 months old and gives the babies comfort as they move through the many stages of development.  



There are two areas to the Baby Room, a carpeted play area and a messy area. The messy area is used for meal times and messy play and is opened up in-between these times giving the babies the opportunity to explore. The carpeted area is again divided into two separate areas to cater for the Tiny Tots and the Crawlers/Walkers.



The very youngest use our Tiny Tots area, intended to be a ‘home from home’ environment offering all the care, nurture and comfort children under one year require. Located close to the sleep room, it offers a quiet and calm start for our smallest children.



The Walkers room offer more challenging environments to help toddlers gain independence in a safe, secure and highly staffed learning facility. The rooms are open-plan with a changing area and two sleep rooms.



The first few months of life allows for the greatest amount of learning, your child will have lots of opportunities to explore the fun activities set out daily. They are allowed to explore their setting freely, with the comfort and safety of having their key worker for support and encouragement, at every step of their development. The Key worker will be responsible for working with you to learn your baby’s routine and individual needs. Your baby will be able to have a sleep in a cot when he/she needs it and we work with you to ensure we follow your milk routine too.



The babies activities are all planned using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), they are allowed to explore their setting freely and have access to a large outdoor grassed area. 



At the end of the day all parents will be given verbal and written feedback about their child’s activities and their general well-being throughout the day. 


Ratio for this room is 1:3.