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Toddler Room 24 - 35 mths

At the age of 2 years the children will progress to the toddler room which is located on the ground floor. The open plan space provides plenty of natural light and area’s designed for eating and messy play, and for relaxation and sleep.The children have a lot of free play as well as adult led learning and take part in activities such as singing, baking, painting and messy play. We also have double doors leading to our own enclosed garden.


Charley, our Toddler Room Leader and her team, bring years of knowledge and experience working with this age range. They understand that parents might need support or just a friendly chat about the latest development or challenge in their toddler’s life. By encouraging open and honest communication, our staff and parents can work together enabling us to provide the very best care for your toddler.


The play experiences we plan for toddlers have children’s social relationships as a central focus to help support their growing sense of themselves and to encourage confidence and self-esteem. We make sure children have lots of opportunities to join in and help them to understand that there are rules for being together with others, always encouraging tolerance and modelling positive ways of treating others.


All activities are planned around the EYFS based on the developmental stage of each child, activities include:

  • Construction/Small world
  • Puzzle/Table top
  • Messy/Creative area
  • Music area
  • Sensory area
  • Sand/Water
  • Reading area; where we share books


We plan our daily activities around the child’s interests and are guided by the seven areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Framework.

Our secure walled garden has equipment which encourages the children’s imagination in a safe environment. We request all children are provided with clothing for all weather. The toddlers also go for regular supervised walks around the estate to explore the wildlife and the world around them.

The ratio is for the toddler room is 1:4.